Chefman RJ11-17-GP : Delivering The Perfect Cup Of Refreshment

Chefman RJ11-17-GP

Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric Kettle, Silver

Chefman is considered creative architect for small household appliances like blenders, processors, tea/coffee makers, fryers, countertop cooking equipment, slow cookers, toasters etc. The fabulous master designs and innovative engineering delivered highly durable, good quality products through rigorous testing before it hits the market. With the concept of ‘big ideas for small appliances’, Chefman has come up with the Chefman RJ11-17-GP Programmable Precision Electric Kettle.

The Chefman kettle comes with the promise of meeting highest standards of safety and reliable performance with its undeniable, quality manufacturing. This kettle is a convenient addition to any kitchen since there is not a single kitchen that works without hot water. If you are an ardent tea lover, this kettle can make you the perfect tea right on time.

The Chefman RJ11-17-GP Features

Your tea can be prepared at exact temperature that you desire. The RJ11-17-GP is a precision kettle that boils your tea at desired temperature- neither too hot nor too cold. It does not stop there. The most favorable features of this kettle can be listed as:

  • The kettle can boil water up to 1.7 liters and heat up to 212 degrees.
  • It is more fast and precise with the programmable temperature controls that are set in 10-degree increments, giving up to 10 temperature settings.
  • It is a small cordless appliance that can be stored in your cabinet when not in use. But the look of it might tempt you to display it on the counter since the glass, black and steel construction will suit any kitchen.
  • It is versatile with the removable tea infuser that can be removed in case of just boiling water.
  • The base has a 360-degree swivel that allows easy handling for left and right handlers alike.
  • The lid opens up with the push of a button rightly placed at the handle top where usually the thumb rests. It remains opened, until closed manually and makes a snap sound to notify closure.
  • If in case you forget to switch off the unit after use, it will automatically shut off. It also has a ‘boil dry’ sensor.
  • This is ideal for the optimal brewing of tea, coffee, oatmeal or the like.
  • It has the ability to keep liquid at your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes.
  • This is much faster and better than stovetop or microwave.
  • The base holds clearly visible LED unit that displays the temperature.
  • It has an ergonomically designed pot that is of ideal capacity, well-balanced and easy to pour.
  • There is no need for confusion since the button settings is obvious, simple and straightforward.
  • There is a mild beeper set to let you know when the job is done.
  • For brewing tea, the unit comes with an infuser with minute perforations that fits snugly into place.

This is an adorable kettle with mostly glass built that gives a welcoming touch to your mornings coffee/tea. This good looking equipment performs as you desire and is a wonderful addition to anyone with a love for refreshments. To top that, it comes with better features than its competitors at a surprisingly low cost. With the three-year parts and labor warranty and dedicated customer support from a reputed company, you could never be at a loss. You could buy this kettle at a competitive price from online retailers like Amazon.

Technical Specifications

Criteria Specification
Brand Chefman
Type Electric Kettle
Capacity 1.7 liters
Product Dimensions 8 x 10 x 6 inches
Weight 2.3 pounds
Warranty 3 years


The Chefman RJ11-17-GP Programmable Electric Kettle will add to the ambiance of your kitchen. With the warm look and performance of your kettle, your mornings are going to be refreshing and energetic. Not just that. The kettle could bring in benefits in other ways too.

  • Safety first. If you forget to switch off your kettle even after it is done, thus smart kettle will automatically switch off.
  • The boil dry option will make sure your kettle will not get heated up if in case there is no liquid in it, a perfect feature to keep you safe from fire threat.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a lefty of righty, the 360-degree swivel base will enable you work on both sides.
  • The kettle comes with a lot of useful features that will come handy during daily use.
  • The controls are not at all complicated and simple enough be set by your kids.
  • The 10-degree increments in temperature enable you set your temperature precisely for brewing that perfect cup of tea.
  • If in case you were not able to take your coffee or tea on time, it will remain hot for up to one hour.


The Chefman kettle is a value addition to your family. Though there are no major flaws with it, just keep a check on these facts before your purchase.

  • Cleaning the kettle might be a bit of a task for some since the hole is fairly small. This can be ideally solved using a brush and soap to clean it after each use.
  • There will be beep sounds for alerting you on finishing the task which might be annoying for some.

Customer Review

The Chefman Precision kettle has got a mix of positive and critical acclaims. The negatives are basically due to ignorance in operation.

** All prices and ratings mentioned in this article are accurate at the time of publishing and may change with time.

Final Verdict

The Chefman RJ11-17-GP is an ideal kettle not just for families, by offices as well. With its professional looks and compact design, this will be worth an investment that will adorn your counters. Now you can get your right cup of tea/coffee/water in as short as 6 minutes, that too at your desired temperature. Not to mention, this will be the best for moms with small babies where you don’t have to think since this machine will do that for you. Save your time for what you love.

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