Hurom HH-SBF11: The All-In-One Juicer, Extractor and Processor


HUROM HH-SBF11 Slow Squeezing Juicer Extractor Vegetable Fruit Citrus 220V C-type plug

The second generation Hurom HH-SBF11 juicer has brought under one cap, the functioning of a juicer, vegetable extractor and nut processor with its leading-edge slow squeezing technology. If you’re wondering what that technical term means, the explanation just awaits you: This machine will not grind the juices of fruits and vegetables like the other juicers do, but will masticate them to perfection keeping the vital nutrients intact.

In other words, it is a top contender among the recent cold press juicers out there in the market. This selective machine can also be termed as the “masticating juicer” that crushes and presses fruits and vegetables to juice them to their maximum capacity and volume. While doing so, it does not produce much heat as the other juicer-mixer-grinders do, and this helps the nutrients to remain integral in every glass of green juice you make!

The Hurom HH-SBF11 Features

Hurom is incorporated with attractive and remarkable features which are listed below

  • Hurom HH-SBF11 uses an electric motor and separates the liquid part of fruits and vegetables from the solid, thereby resulting in pure extracted juice that’s nutrient rich and in no way comparable to the “no-nutrient” juices that are available at the grocery stores!
  • This juicer puts forth it’s slow squeezing/masticating technology which facilitates to preserve all the nutrition in the fruits and vegetables – all thanks to the recent and successful findings in the juicer world!
  • Users on Amazon and various other online buying sites stress on the authentic taste of juices ground from this juicer. It upkeeps the natural and authentic taste of vegetable and fruit juices, and nut milk that is processed from the juicer.
  • The masticating technology literally “chomps” the food with its exclusive set of gears and blades, thus breaking the food to its cellular level. This process helps extract the maximum volume of juice from the fruits and vegetables.
  • The juicer cap of the juicer jar is one another added advantage to the features of Hurom HH-SBF 11. Blending the juices with the help of the lid is easier and one doesn’t have to open the jar/container each time to toss the ingredients inside.
  • Effortless cleaning is what it offers to its users, consuming both time and manual energy. Both the lid and the jar can be easily cleansed and rinsed with plain water, making the job easier.
  • This juicer is “must buy and try” for those who strongly swear by the green juice for weight loss. The reason being, the pulp of the green veggies is mixed with the juice alongside, not leaving apart the fibers. This fact re-ensures that the drink is rich in nutrients and fibers.
  • You could also process nuts using this juicer. Making raw almond milk and grinding other nutritive nuts is an easy affair with the juicer.
  • Here is one more extra Brownie point earned: you will have an “almost no noise” experience while using this juicer to grind your favorite drink.
Technical Specifications
Criteria Specifications
Brand Hurom
Type Juicer extractor
Size 171 X 249 X 398 mm
RPM 40 rpm
Power output 110 – 220 V
Capacity 500 ml
External housing Stainless steel
Price Check Current Price

On comprehending the positive points of this juicer extractor, it comes to the fore that one will want to invest in this juicer. Read through the pros to help you choose the juicer:

The juicer extractor is quite incomparable to other juicers in the fact that a juicer is able to process nuts

  • The whole cleaning process is very effortless with this juicer
  • The lid of the juicer jar facilitates mixing of the drink easier, without having to open the jar and stirring the ingredients
  • The masticating technology manages to give more quantity of juice and adds more fiber to the juice
  • The juicer works swifter than the other centrifugal juicers out there in the market
  • In comparison to other juicer extractors, Hurom HH-SBF 11 performs well in terms of extracting vegetable and fruit juice
  • Nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juice are a sure shot feature of this juicer
  • A simple and great tasting juicer that’s affordable in terms of price
  • An almost no noise juicer that makes your kitchen a silent and serene place to work with
  • More enzymes and living nutrients in the drink can just be yours!

Looking at the other side of the coin before buying a juicer is essential. These points might help you choose the best for your kitchen:

The juicer features a “masticating” feature, which means it is a slow juicer compared to the other machines in the market. You might have to keep toasting your bread or making your salad before you have your glass of juice ready on the breakfast table.

  • If you do not choose to consume the “pulp” of the juices, then it might get a little worrisome for you – this juicer works on delivering the pulp/fiber along with the juice. If you are trying to be diet conscious and want to cut down on that extra “flab”, getting used to this authentic taste might take a little time for you.
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The Verdict

This juicer extractor fits everyone’s health, regimen and lifestyle – whether it is for a person who wants to lose weight massively or for that “fitness freak” who is particular on extracting nutrition from every healthy fruit or vegetable for that instant recharge!

This quality engineering juicer extractor can help you cut down on caffeine intake and switch over to the healthier and filling shake-like drink. Wake up to the power of finest, silkiest, froth free green juices, nut milk and fruit juices. Get a step ahead in your health front with the Hurom HH-SBF 11 juicer extractor.

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