Vitamix 1002 Blender : Blend Away To Perfection!

Vitamix 1002

Vita-Prep (By Vita-Mix) Food Blender Puree Blend 1002

Whether you want to groom the professional chef inside you or just want to blend your way to a healthier lifestyle, you will have to consider a few factors before buying a professional-grade blender like the Vitamix 1002. Vitamix® range of blenders is amazing in terms of blending away your favorite food. You will see a whole apple churned away to gooey liquid in no time! Turn your spinach into liquid greens and cut down your smoothie preparation time to lesser than half. Though there are a plethora of capable blenders available in the market, it completely depends on your specific requirements to choose the one blender that will cater to all your needs. Save time, save fuel and eat healthy with this model of Vitamix!

If you’ve decided to buy this commercial blender online through famous portals like Amazon, you need to figure out if Vitamix 1002 will be a value addition to your kitchen. Let us take a look at the advancements in technology that this blender has to offer:

Vitamix 1002 Features

With a viable speed that allows you to blend, chop and puree your raw or cooked food, the following features make it the most “powerful” blender.

  • An excellent motor power, speed and blade design makes juicing effortless and delivers the entire benefits of the whole fruit.
  • Variable motor speeds of the blender allow you to custom grind heavy to light food items accordingly.
  • Easy clean-up and a simple flush out container makes washing and storage simple!
  • The blender comes super handy in preparing soups. Simply toss in the soup’s ingredients, secure the lid, flip the switch on, and you’ll have a delicious, whole vegetable soup with no peeling or seeding needed!
  • It is compatible for wet chopping. Easily prepare vegetables for soups, salads, side dishes, stir-frying, and coleslaw.
  • You can decide the coarse or fine texture you choose for dry chopping. The faster the speed, the finer the chop of the vegetables you tossed into the blender.
  • Also, additional blending container is available for ultimate convenience of interchanging both the dry and wet blades.
  • Grind your grains to prepare fiber rich and homemade bread with the dry grinding technology infused in the blender.
  • Making smoothies with the blender will be fun. You can make any smoothie under a minute! The high performance precision-crafted stainless steel blades can crush and cut frozen fruits and ingredients in lesser than 30 seconds.
  • Fresh baked bread or homemade dough can be kneaded with your commercial blender for a fiber rich, fresh, home-baked flavor and taste.

In a nutshell, the blender is the best go-to for producing silky smooth purees, grinding whole spices and grains, chopping vegetables and more, and is designed for commercial kitchens. Very easy to use, it has a variable speed motor that includes a 64 oz. container and is NSF Certified too.


General Specifications

Make Vitamix
Model VM0101
Item No 1002
Volts 120
Amps 11.5
Capacity 64-oz
Motor 2+ peak HP motor
Dimensions 20 in. H x 8 in. W x 9 in. D
Weight 13-lbs
Warranty for parts 3 years
Warranty for labor 3 years
Service contract period 1 year


Buying Professional-Grade Blenders on Amazon

Vitamix 1002 blender is extensively available on Amazon. To start with, you have to go to Amazon’s homepage and enter the name of the blender on the search bar. You will also be provided with a list of other blenders similar to this one and you can discover a host of other products too.

You will find different variations of the blender, which you can map to your need and add the product to your cart, to finally use your card and buy it.

The Pros

  • A simple and stable blender beast
  • Two-switch, one dial machine that makes it easiest to use
  • Blends your smoothie really “smooth” and doesn’t make it “frothy” like the other blenders do
  • Even on turning the blender to full speed, the base doesn’t bulge up
  • Cleaning the container is as easy as just rinsing it and pouring out the water
  • A matte finish looks that makes it simple but elegant

The Cons

  • A tall container might make it a little difficult to bring it down to the kitchen counter each time you want to toss in ingredients
  • When you make green juices, you might be left with leafy deposits and cleaning these deposits might need a second rinse
  • You might want to shut the container, flip the switch and walk away. With this blender, you have to shut it off yourself and you have to come back for it!

The Verdict

On a total scale, this commercial blender is a great choice for those simple steps and looks. Leafy juices or smoothies can easily be made in less than 2 minutes and can save fuel and time in a great way. If you’re just looking for a blender that can blend away smoothies, dough and chop your vegetables like a pro, go with the Vitamix 1002.

If you have a kiosk and want to set your kitchen right, your staff can simply start off with using the blender effortlessly. Designed to simplify time-taking tasks with its high and variable-speed blending technology, you must always remember to start the blender on a lower speed and then gradually switch over to a high speed. An added bonus along with the blender will be a 54-page recipe book that will elaborately explain the methods, variations and suggestions of a whole assortment of recipes.

More than everything else, cleaning the blender is an easy stride. You can simply rinse away the container and give the base a little more than a wipe with a wet cloth when you plan to put the blender into the cupboard for a good night’s rest! If you want a higher specification and speed, you could consider browsing through the other models that Vitamix® provides.

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