Vitamix 750 Professional Series Review : Quiet and Smart

Vitamix 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container


The blender is one kitchen item that comes out from the cabinet at unusual times. Like the coffee pot, it will need to make an appearance in the early morning, at treat times, and dinners. The blender that wakes the house, or kills the conversational mood isn’t the best choice for everyone, and this is where the Vitamix 750 comes in handy. As powerful as most blenders of the Vitamix line, this blender is quiet, with blades and motor working together in almost silent accord. This is a great model for smoothies, and simple recipes, but it should be used with care.

What I Liked In Vitamix 750

This blender is great for ice cold treats and hot soups. With a thicker than average casing for the container, this professional-grade blender is unique for its lack of noise. First thing in the morning the smoothie or breakfast shake doesn’t have to wake the entire household, and you can speak over this motor. At the same time you aren’t sacrificing power. The motor muscle for this blender has 2.2 peak horsepower that surprising runs so quiet, no one will know you’ve snuck away to the kitchen for a fast shake or another recipe.

What I Disliked In Vitamix 750

The thick casing of the container is great in that you will not have trouble keeping hot ingredients hot, and icy cold items still icy. The problem lies in the spout. With the thickness and the small size of the spout there’s run off that can make a mess unless you pour very carefully and slowly. This is a little disappointing, and if you want to make something like a mix drink look professional you might have to pour this into another container, and then into glasses you will be using. This is a minor inconvenience, but considering how well the blender works, it’s disappointing that this one point was either overlooked, or never resolved before being put on the market. As with many flaws it’s not a deal breaker, but it is annoying.

What’s Makes The Vitamix 750 Tick?

This is the newly designed Pro Series motors and the quiet is remarkable. There are also efficient, which is surprising given the lack of noise most of us are accustomed to when blending. “Under the hood” the750 series has an ultra-powerful 2.2 peak-horsepower motor capable of sending the stainless steel blades at remarkable speeds to blend any number of foods easily. The container is the perfect size for most kitchens at 64-oz. Lightweight, and virtual this shatterproof container is easy to store, and fits on the countertop without taking up too much room.


Speed And Ability

The 750 series has 10 speed settings and a variable-speed dial with pulse function. This allows for a better selection of recipes, and covers a broader range of consistencies and textures that other blenders do not. It also has five programmable settings for smoothies, soups, purees, and frozen desserts. This makes the early morning smoothie before walking out the door so much simple since all you need to do is load up the container and hit the right button. There’s also a pre-programmed setting for self-cleaning eliminating the need for scrubbing and soaking the container. The lid is designed to push thick or dense ingredients back down during the blending process. The wider blades on this series make for a faster, and even blending or chopping even when the ingredients are tough, gooey, or dense.

Does it Have Extras?

There is a collar that prevents contact with blades. There’s also a bonus of a hardcover recipe book. For anyone who’s wanted to tackle quality soups, gravy, or puree, but who haven’t quite mastered the art of chopping, mixing and pureeing yet, this is the blender that will take you the rest of the way. The recipes can help you have wholesome, made-from-scratch meals in minutes. Perfect for those times of years you want to shine with recipes like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream or Holiday Squash Soup. You can also master the art of drink mixing with show stoppers like Whole Fruit Margaritas and more.

What Will You Miss With This Buy?

Some of the early models were sold with blade issues, but that’s since been corrected with a recall. At this point the collar, and newly installed blades have corrected this problem. You might miss a more powerful motor that exists with some models, but you won’t miss the noise. If you push this unit too far with its existing motor it will “cut out” or shut down, letting you know you need to stop and remove some ingredients as the blades can’t handle the pressure of either the density or the amount of items. This is common, so you probably won’t miss this much given the abilities and the ease with which this blender can be used.

What’s The Final Word On The Vitamix 750?

The Vitamix 750 is reasonably priced. With this product, you can have bump up your kitchen from mediocre to near professional. This is after all a professional grade machine that just happens to fit on your countertop.

The quiet mechanism of this blender makes it easy to use this blender at times you might not want to have noise. In the middle of a dinner for example the sound of an ordinary blender will stop conversation cold. This one allows you to carry on with your conversation without missing a beat or having an ingredient go unblended.

For the cook who aspires to be a chef, or the chef who wants an easy to use and clean blender at home this product offers some great possibilities. For those of us who panic at the thought of making a homemade thick ingredient soup from scratch this blender works like a charm. You don’t have to worry about over cooking some ingredients as you attempt to blend it all together on the stove. A few seconds in the series 750 and the soup will remain hot, and come out blended to the exact consistency you need.

In mixing drinks the tricky spout can hold you up, but only for a seconds. The lid will keep all the ingredients from imitating an unexpected volcano when you mix the harder ingredients such as icy or frozen foods together.

The settings also allow you to prepare foods fast with no guess work. Since the recipe book is geared for this specific machine you will find it directs you perfectly in selecting settings, and having your finished result look just like the picture no matter you level of expertise.

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